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KVM Console


The KVM console is a crucial feature of our server offering. It provides a reliable method to access your server directly, regardless of any network or firewall configurations you may have in place. Even if network connectivity is disrupted, the KVM console ensures uninterrupted access to your server's console interface.
We highly recommend utilizing the KVM console to check the status of your server before submitting a support ticket through your customer area. By accessing the KVM console, you can examine the server's console output, monitor its activities, and troubleshoot any issues directly at the server level. This can help provide valuable insights and potentially resolve certain problems without the need for support intervention.
The KVM console is a valuable tool for server administration, allowing you to diagnose and address issues more efficiently. It offers an additional layer of control and accessibility, ensuring that you can manage your server effectively, even in challenging network conditions.
Remember to take advantage of the KVM console when needed, as it can significantly aid in troubleshooting and resolving server-related concerns.


  • a VPS
  • an OnetSolutions account


Log in to your OnetSolutions customer area with your email and password, or by using the Google login. Then go to the "My Services" section, and click on the VPS you have just purchased. Then click on the button to access the VPS management.

Opening the KVM Console

Simply go to the KVM Console section of the VPS management, and click on the button to Open the KVM Console.
After a few minutes, the KVM console will open in your browser. You can close the connection by clicking on the "Close KVM console" button.
This connection will be valid for 30 minutes, and will allow you to access the VPS even if it does not have access to the network.

Restarting your VPS